Project 365 | Day 1

I have been wanting to do a Project 365 for a long time but I didn't think I would be disciplined enough to take a picture everyday.  I thought "No way, my life is boring, no one wants to see 8 million pictures of my kids".  But then I realized that is the best part - forcing myself to find beauty in the every day - to look at things differently in order to create an interesting image.  I am sure there will be a lot of pictures of my kids since they take up most of my day - but I will be making a big effort to find beauty where I wouldn't normally think.  To capture things I wouldn't normally consider when grabbing my camera.  So far - it is actually proving harder to take just 1 image. 

So for today, you get 2.  And yes - it's of my kids :)  Even the furry kind.

     |  Just two of the kids enjoying a snow day.  |